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Did you know you spend one third of your life at work?
We curate the best future-focussed opportunities from around the world to
help you leverage your most precious resource; your time and expertise, to shape a better future.

Jobs and consulting

High-impact roles that shift the needle; from social enterprises, ethical corporations and think tanks through to CSR and social innovation scale ups.

Growth and leadership

Stepping stone opportunities for growth and incredible networks including advisory roles, leadership programs, internships and more.

Grants and accelerators

Funding and accelerators that catalyse growth;
from personal development through to grants that can help launch community impact initiatives.

Are you ready?

Discover high impact opportunities to future proof your career and impact the world.

Featured Jobs

Social Impact Employer Lead
Ripple Opportunities
July 22, 2024
$50 - $90 / hr
Social Impact Employer Lead
Ripple Opportunities
July 22, 2024
$50 - $90 / hr
Research and Partnerships Manager - Hybrid
The Equality Institute
July 28, 2024
$95 000 - $104,000 + Super
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Growth and leadership

AFMAM-Australia Youth Meeting 2024

ASEAN Foundation
July 19, 2024
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Chief People Officer

Young Australians in International Affairs
July 22, 2024
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Board Secretary

Sustainable Builders Alliance
July 31, 2024
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TrialWatch Experts Panel

Clooney Foundation for Justice
August 30, 2024
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From small actions to systems change; we believe people are key to creating a ripple that echoes into the future

Ripple Opportunities was founded by Skye and Tim; two of Australia’s leading young community builders who met when they started chatting outside a Sumo Salad after being named inaugural Obama Foundation Leaders for the Asia Pacific.

Ripple was born out of the realisation that a new approach to supporting the future of work and our communities was needed. Through Ripple, they’re focused on democratising access for the next generation of impact creators to shape a better future. cya boring career ladders.

Get on the wave,
don't paddle against the tide.

The world has changed but most recruitment processes have not. Ripple Opportunities is the quicker, smarter way to connect with mission-driven individuals who are committed to growth and leadership. We're the only channel designed to connect leading social innovators with people eager to shape business, strategy, policy and community.

Mission-driven matches: Find people who truly get your purpose.

Resource efficient: Target your opportunity towards self-motivated people looking to leverage their unique talent towards your mission.

Impact driven: Engage and involve diverse individuals in all areas of your work.