Ripple’s Community Guidelines

Ripple’s Community Guidelines


Welcomeeee to our Community Guidelines!

These are designed to help Ripplers (including but not limited to the wonderful person reading this) understand how to show up in our space.. This helps us to build a strong, safe and good vibes community and help prevent any issues or unacceptable behaviour arising. 

These Guidelines apply to all members who engage with our Rippler / Fast Track / Big Vibes memberships or attend our online Power Ups, in-person gatherings, as well as our team. 

Our purpose  

Ripple is for crew 18-30 who are creating impact in their communities and are keen to contribute, level up and be inspired by others doing the same. No matter where you’re starting from – we exist to get you where you need to go. 

This group is for you to share, make new connections, dream big on initiatives, lift each other up and bring your authentic selves to every interaction. 

TLDR: Ripplers are one of a kind, but everywhere. We exist to bring you together, build your capacity and confidence to shape the future in your own way… and have fun doing it. 

Our guiding principles…

Bring the vibes.
Bring the energy you wish you had. We’re here to do serious work (but with a healthy dose of chaos and banter). Give more than you take to this group. Get active, share your tips and show your support. 

There are no rules, only examples.
Heed lessons, but write your own story.

Done is better than perfect.
Just like this website yewww. 

Take action every week.
We’re all about small steps, taken together

Learn from everyone.
Take one idea from every conversation, and build bigger circles. 

Group Rules

We want to keep this group as useful as possible so have decided to keep it focussed on advice, tips, support and connections. Please feel free to post anything related to this – including if you’d like us to source a speaker or someone to run a session!

We expect you to behave in a way that is consistent with these values, as well as respecting each other’s personal information and privacy. Inappropriate content including spam, discrimination, bullying, and misinformation will not be tolerated. Posting this may result in removal from the group and prevention from attending future events. 


We appreciate any support from our community to uphold these guidelines. If you have any questions or witness any members violating our guidelines, please contact us at hey@ripple.gl 

Last Updated

Our team may adjust or update these guidelines at any time to reflect the evolving needs of our community.

This edition was  last updated on 5th May 2023. Thanks for reading!

Paradigm Shifters

Paradigm shifters purpose-driven path is all about tackling our world’s biggest challenges by making patterns from the madness. They have an uncanny ability to zoom out and see the bigger picture where others cannot. It also might mean that you’re great at puzzles 😹🧩

(sneak peak) opportunity areas for paradigm shifters: 

  • Change Consulting 
  • Policy 
  • Analysis

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