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  • Perfect whether you’re looking to grow your experience through a leadership program, scholarship or delegation, through to finding funding or your initiative or volunteering, internships or jobs. There’s all kinds of opportunities! 
  • Avoid the waste of simply not knowing about the huge variety of impact roles or spending hours searching dozens of sites – let us do that for you! Reinvest your precious time in applying for game-changing opportunities that can help build your career momentum & impact expertise.
  • Increase your chances of securing your catalytic opportunity with access to ~3500 opportunities each year.
  • Streamline your search with impact area filters.
  • Seriously, do the maths. How many hrs will it take you to earn this back, and in return you get a years worth of amazing impact opps. 

We’re on a mission to Fast Track emerging professionals on a path to impact, so together we can tackle the worlds biggest challenges and create Ripples of impact. Keen?

What you’re up against:

  1. Careers have changed but most advice and job boards haven’t.
  2. There’s no one place to search for impact related opportunities across all sectors (ie. non profits, tech, startups, finance, social enterprise and corporate) so if you want to switch industry or leverage your skills, it can be a needle-in-the-haystack challenge.
  3. It takes the average young person in Aus 5 years to go from full time study to secure work.
  4. Opportunities other than jobs can unlock your growth and momentum but they’re buried in closed networks.

Our solution:

  • Every week, we carefully curate dozens of incredible opportunities like jobs, advisory roles, internships, scholarships + accelerators – to stop incredible young professionals missing out and start creating even more impact.

How do we know it works?

  • Our team have been there – and through trial and error eventually secured high-impact opportunities with orgs like the UN, Harrison AI & Airbnb, and across government, non-profits, impact investment, philanthropy and tech.

All kinds of wins and collective impact:

  • We’ve helped thousands in our community secure opportunities like full scholarships to events such as COP and The Commission on the Status of Women, and roles across ethical tech, climate, mental health and human rights.

Why do it?

  • Momentum will help you stand out and grow your expertise faster. You can use all kinds of opportunities to build momentum towards your goals.
  • We make it faster and simpler to connect with the most innovative and impactful opportunities – from organisations, startups, policy labs, leadership initiatives, so you can focus on creating epic impact.

Who’s it for?

  • If you care about aligning your skills to contribute to impact areas that will make our world better, plus have this experience:
  • Starting out (0-2 yrs)
  • Growing (2 – 5 yrs)
  • Levelling up (5 – 10 yrs)
  • NEW: Established (10-15 yrs)

What’s the investment?

As a social enterprise, we’re on a mission to make it simpler and faster for emerging generations to access the best and most innovative impact opportunities so together, we can tackle the worlds biggest challenges. So, your investment helps cover the costs of connecting you with a highly targeted and awesome opportunities.

Sound good?

Get started now.

A: Aside from our 100% hope optimisation rate*, we’re also laser-focused on accelerating the beginning of your career journey and building a community that will create ripples of impact that echo into the future. 

Some other stand out differences:
Most job boards are designed from the employers perspective ie. built to serve employers and get their ads in front of as many eyes as possible. Big numbers are the focus. We’re more about targeted quality. We are built to support emerging professionals that want to make a dent on the world. It leads to two very different products.

Most “career” sites focus on jobs, but these aren’t the only things that can help you build momentum or the overall life you want to lead. We are the only place to find all kinds of opportunities in one place, filtered for community impact and career stage.

We work with partners to surface and match our members with opportunities that generally can’t be found anywhere else and can help you build experience, leadership and influencing skills. For example, we have worked with philanthropic organisations, companies and think tanks to involve our members in consultations, strategy development and advisory roles.

* not a real thing, but it should be.

Look, we get it. Why pay when there’s all those free ones out there. But consider this: most job boards have zero filters – they’re open to whoever will pay them to get in front of your eyes. On the other hand, how much would it be worth to have someone a few steps ahead, tapping into their diverse networks and spending dozens of hours carefully curating opportunities so you can simply look through this shortlist? That’s us!

Plus, think about the medium-term ROI. That $320 could be the ticket to a job or opportunity that pays exponentially more (+ feels more authentic to you) or a scholarship worth 10x this amount. In fact, we believe almost all the opportunities we list are worth at least this in equal value to the kind of experience, networks and momentum they can bring. A small investment for life-changing gains, right? 🚀

Free is good, but paid will help Fast Track you — and here’s why. Our paid members get all the extra, reassuring goodness of unlimited access to a curated list of jobs, internships, and social impact initiatives that align with your goals. This isn’t necessarily about doing more, but about being across the range of opportunities that exist (without the overwhelm) so you can focus your precious time and energy on applying for the opportunities that are the best fit for you. 🌟

New kid on the block, but making waves! We work with reputable organisations, from trailblazing startups to established non-profits, to ensure you’re getting the best opportunities. Check out our testimonials and success stories to see the real impact we’re making! Oh..in case you haven’t bumped into our co-founders yet, head here to learn more about their expertise and why they were inspired to build Ripple. 🌊

Plus, you can unsubscribe at any time if it’s not your vibe.

We’re not in the business of overwhelming you. In fact, we go out of our way to reduce the overwhelm by only curating highly targeted and awesome opportunities. They’re not only filtered for the earlier – mid stages of your career (no 20+ years experience needed here) but also for the community impact and potential value they can offer you. This way, you can focus less on blocking out the noise or questioning your search terms, and more on discovering the wide range of opportunities that exist to boost you towards your goals. 🎯

Afraid of drowning in options? Don’t be. Once you sign up you’ll also get access to some intro resources and tips from our team to help point you in the right direction. Top level: action builds momentum, and in Ripple, there are so many opportunities…from our err.. Opportunities Board through to specialist trainings, coaching and community connections for our members.⚡

A: errrrm that’s so nice (and very smart, forward thinking of you)! We are working on making gifting simpler through our platform, but for now, just send us an email at hey@rippleopportunities.com and we’ll give you all the details.

A Strategic Investment in Your Future

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Each moment delayed in diving into purpose-driven work is a missed opportunity for growth, income, and new experiences. Remember, it’s bigger than you. Your actions can create a ripple effect, impacting the world in unimaginable ways.


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From our members



    Gender Equality

    "From a place of gratitude and deep, deep thanks - I have never felt more supported, inspired and uplifted in my career. The humour and humility of the team make what should be a terrifying experience personable and easy"


      CEO and Youth Advocate

      "I wouldn't be where I am now without Ripple. Your investment in me since the beginning will never go unnoticed - you've been instrumental".


        Scientist in Residence, Venture Capital

        "Getting involved in a Ripple program was career defining for me. It was a choice I'll no doubt look back on for years to come and say "That was it - that was the moment my choices dove-tailed into a meaningful path forward for me".


          Film Creator and Climate Fellow

          "Thank you! Keep up the great, important work that you do, and empowering young people like myself to pursue our passions and goals"


            Social Enterprise

            "I got so down on myself I stopped going for jobs. Career anxiety. Comparison anxiety. Climate anxiety. These are all the things that impacted how I felt and all the things that Ripple addresses"


              Consultant and Committee Member

              "Just came out of a cyber security conference, was literally working in retail this time last year. So glad I listened to my gut and took the plunge!"


                Researcher and Education Advocate

                "I have been meaning to send you all a thank you email - I found the scholarship when it was featured in the newsletter so if not for Ripple, I would never even had the opportunity to apply!


                  Legal Student Intern

                  "I wanted to let you know that I have secured not one but two opportunities! So grateful I was able to attend Career Lab, thank you for all the opportunities you have sent and for always checking in on how I was doing."

                  Anon Legend
                    Anon Legend

                    In Quarter Life Crisis Mode

                    "I can't recommend this site enough. Every week I find myself researching positions in fields I never thought existed."


                      Youth Parliament Member

                      "Incredibly encouraging and inspirational. The team ran an amazingly rewarding program while simultaneously arguing about the athletic legitimacy of Formula 1. The lessons and new connections I have made have been so worth it."


                        Regional Journalist

                        "I loved Career Lab. It helped me shape what I was actually looking for in a job (which I landed) and the things I wanted to prioritise in my life and applications."


                          Scholarship Recipient

                          "This was my first Ripple event and it was absolutely phenomenal! I think it's the first online event I have been actively engaged in the whole time because it really was so interactive, interesting and inviting. Will not be my last."

                          Anon Legend
                            Anon Legend

                            Policy Officer and Support Worker

                            "So relieving to see so many opportunities besides the regulars we hear about on the graduate grapevine."

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                            Unleash your potential with our barrier-breaking Matchmaking system, empowering workshops, and top-notch resources. Cut through the overwhelm and unlock success faster for both financial and social impact.

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                            Elevate your future with our inspiring, value-centric community. Forge connections with mentors, cheerleaders, and collaborators for enduring success. At Ripple, it's the transformative peer networks that fuel your impact and personal growth.

                            Memberships: Choose your own Adventure

                            #1: Rippler


                            How we help you:

                            • Unlock opportunities: Unlock 250+ epic opportunities each year. You’ll get a personal account giving you access to members only opportunities each week.
                            • Get Matched: We notify you when we’ve identified purpose-aligned opportunities that match your unique profile. This can be anything from a global program to a job. All you need to do is complete your profile so we know where you’re at. 
                            • Sponsorship eligibility: A number of our flagship programs and partner opportunities are fully or partially sponsored (yas!). These sponsorships are often determined by factors such as location or impact area. All you need to do is indicate your interest via your profile and we will get in touch if there’s a match.
                            • Bonus tools and features, plus heads up on all our stuff: Save Featured and Lucky Dip opportunities to your profile and get the heads up and first access to new programs, experiences and special events.

                            Why you need more than a job board.

                            The world has changed but most career services haven’t.

                            • Whether you’re starting out or levelling up, employers are looking for a portfolio of experience. Your job is just one piece of this. 
                            • It now takes an average of 5 years to go from education to full time, secure work (20 years ago it was about 1 year), which undermines our progress and can have significant financial and wellbeing implications.
                            • Younger generations continue to be structurally marginalised from decision making in community and democratic systems. 

                            Our big opportunity

                            As dynamic, values-focused, and tech-literate generations, we’re on track to constitute 75% of the Australian workforce, hold substantial electoral power, and take on influential roles across all industries.

                            We have the potential to spark transformative change through our careers, communities and civic systems immediately. Not in 20 years once we’ve ‘climbed a ladder’.

                            Ripple will help you shape the future through your career and community.

                            What's Career Lab?

                            It takes the average young Australian like you five years to secure meaningful full time work. Career Lab is our top rated, OG program to help speed that up so you can reach your impact potential faster. In it we cover:

                            • Session 1: Purpose
                              How to gain clarity on your purpose and set your compass for a port-folio career so you can build relevant experience without needing to have everything figured out.
                            • Session 2: Opportunities
                              No two journey’s are the same so we share our tailored advice on how to find and create opportunities that are a great fit for you. 
                            • Session 3: Value
                              How to understand and articulate the value you bring to an organisation so you can overcome the experience dilemma and prioritise your wellbeing during the zig-zag of career building.
                            • Session 4: Applications
                              Our fast-tips on how to develop applications that cut through so you can seize opportunities to build the type of career, and create the impact you want.
                            • Session 5: Impact
                              How to formalise a plan for a career that helps you thrive in the intersection of every sphere of your life, and harness the power of the network you build to amplify your impact.

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                            Paradigm Shifters

                            Paradigm shifters purpose-driven path is all about tackling our world’s biggest challenges by making patterns from the madness. They have an uncanny ability to zoom out and see the bigger picture where others cannot. It also might mean that you’re great at puzzles 😹🧩

                            (sneak peak) opportunity areas for paradigm shifters: 

                            • Change Consulting 
                            • Policy 
                            • Analysis

                            Wondering if your a paradigm shifter? Head to your inbox to find out + get your extensive list of opportunity areas, advice and more. 

                            get your goodie bag 🎁