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💫 It’s the ultimate hack to make hiring, engaging and involving incredible young people so you can future proof your work. 💫

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  • social enterprises, community orgs, and non-profits looking to cut through the talent wars and find the best, values-aligned and self motivated team members as well as
  • startups looking to hire non-traditional talent (we’re all about zig zag paths) and
  • wise old corporates looking to diversify beyond traditional recruitment pipelines.
  • We’re also here for thinktanks, institutes and boards that wanna hear from the next generations (ie. their emerging customers and stakeholders).

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As a social enterprise, we’re on a mission to make it simpler and faster for emerging generations to access the best and most innovative impact opportunities so together, we can tackle the worlds biggest challenges. So, your investment helps cover the costs of connecting you with a highly targeted and engaged community.

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Paradigm Shifters

Paradigm shifters purpose-driven path is all about tackling our world’s biggest challenges by making patterns from the madness. They have an uncanny ability to zoom out and see the bigger picture where others cannot. It also might mean that you’re great at puzzles 😹🧩

(sneak peak) opportunity areas for paradigm shifters: 

  • Change Consulting 
  • Policy 
  • Analysis

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