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Social Enterprise Finance Australia (SEFA)

Sefa Partnerships exists to help high potential social enterprise ideas reach their potential. We work in close partnership and under a joint strategy with our sister organisation Sefa Ltd, whose work focuses on stabilising and expanding later-stage for-purpose organisations.

Sefa Partnerships has a unique legal structure, a broad social purpose and nearly a decade of success behind us delivering innovative programs and unlocking capital for for-purpose organisations. And we are just getting started…

Right now, Sefa Partnerships is at an exciting inflection point. We are working on a bold new strategy which leans in to our innovative, risk-taking roots with a view to shaking up the social enterprise and for-purpose finance sector. Whilst there are changes in the works, we will always be arming social changemakers with the capabilities and capital to change the world.

Our work includes:

Innovation and learning programs

Our innovation and learning programs help launch and scale innovative and financially robust social purpose initiatives and contribute to a thriving social enterprise ecosystem. These programs are designed with and delivered for organisations who want to have an impact at the cross-section of innovation, business and purpose: philanthropy, non-profits, government and corporates.

Example: the Paul Ramsay Foundation Growth Incubator

Social innovation development lab

Sefa Partnerships undertakes select innovation projects where we take on the challenge of building and launching new products and services ourselves. These initiatives involve surfacing challenges and opportunities, codeveloping ideas and prototypes with users, developing MVPs, and securing funding and support to ensure that the innovation lives on. In fact, Sefa Partnerships’ unique legal structure and ability to facilitate blended finance deals was the product of an innovation experiment by the Sefa team.

Example: Housing Choices collaboration looking at innovative solutions to homelessness, funded by the Lord Mayors’ Charitable Foundation


Sefa Partnerships has the capability to auspice for-purpose organisations and unlock philanthropic capital to enable their growth. We often collaborate with the Sefa Social Finance team to build “blended capital stacks”, meaning we help facilitate cash injections for organisations from multiple sources and with capital that include grants, loans and equity. In addition, we are also working closely with Sefa’s Social Finance and partners to develop a new catalytic funding offering specifically designed for the higher risk and higher uncertainty end of the impact investing market.

Example: Sefa Partnerships and Tender Funerals

Key responsibilities

This is an evolving role in a very small team and will suit a senior generalist who is keen to get involved in both delivery and strategy in a fast-moving and ambitious charity.

Your first 12 months may include:

  • Managing and delivering Innovation & Learning programs
  •  Managing and delivering Innovation & Learning programs (in collaboration with and the wider Sefa team)
  • Engaging with the evaluation and continual improvement for our Innovation & Learning programs
  • Supporting Sefa Partnerships’ Head of Innovation in business development activities for programs
  •  Acting as innovator in residence
  • Facilitating innovation projects to develop new products and services for Sefa Partnerships, Sefa, or our for-purpose clients and partners
  • Prototyping and testing with users
  • Market sizing and analysis
  • Developing financial projections
  • Writing pitches
  • Corralling stakeholders to launch ideas into reality
  • Supporting capital deals

Providing support to the Head of Innovation and the Sefa Social Finance Team to facilitate catalytic capital flows and blended capital deals unlocking Sefa Partnerships’ PBI and DGR1 status (please note: this is not a technical role, and you do not need to have any formal qualifications in finance to do this work)

Working with the Head of Innovation, Sefa CEO and Head of Portfolio Management to contribute to the development and execution of Sefa Partnerships’ catalytic and blended capital strategy

Knowledge and Skills required

A strong candidate must have:

  • A strong track record of working in innovation and social impact
  • Strong track record of project managing and delivering group learning programs (incubators, accelerators or hackathons)
  • Experience working in a senior role in social enterprise, OR significant experience supporting social enterprises as an intermediary (e.g. by providing advisory services, in a social procurement role etc.)
  • Strong stakeholder management skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience working in finance (or a willingness to learn)

It’s a bonus if you have:

  • Experience as a senior leader in a social enterprise
  • Experience working with financial products or services
  • Experience developing (or supporting the development of) strategies for social purpose products and services
  • Experience engaging in advocacy and/or advisory activities for social change (e.g. public speaking, running awareness campaigns, providing government advisory services)
  • An understanding of measurement, evaluation and continual improvement practices for social impact products and services
  • Experience in social innovation or systems innovation specifically
  • Been a participant in an incubator, accelerator or other group learning program
  • Research skills


Degree education or equivalent

Some of the highlights of what you’ll get working at Sefa Partnerships:

  • 5 weeks of annual leave per year
  • Not for profit salary packaging
  • A seat at our office in the beautiful Yirranma Place for-purpose precinct in Darlinghurst
  • Family-friendly working conditions, including flexibility to work from home
  • Career development opportunities

We encourage applications from all ages and genders, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ and diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

We are assessing and proceeding with applications on a rolling basis, so please submit your application as soon as you can. To apply, send your CV and a one-page cover letter to Linda Carseldine, Chief Operating Officer on linda.carseldine@sefa.com.au. Applications will close on 15 April 2024.

If you have specific questions about the role, contact Hanna Ebeling on hanna.ebeling@sefa.com.au

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Social Enterprise Finance Australia (SEFA)

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