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Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal

The FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grants program provides support of up to $10,000 to help communities act on issues of current concern for young Australians, as identified by youth at the annual Canberra Heywire Youth Summit. We LOVE to see applications from young people for young people!

  • Funding is for any projects outside of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane. (And for our QLD friends, we have additional funding for you this year thanks to our friends at the John Villiers Trust!).
  • If you have any questions, or want to throw around some ideas, get in touch with our Program Manager Lauren on 0498 050 409. Happy to explore what a grant project might look like in your community.

About Us

FRRR is the only national foundation specifically focused on ensuring the social and economic strength of remote, rural and regional communities.

Our unique model connects common purposes and funding with locally prioritised needs. We believe
targeted, well-informed investment in local organisations will stimulate ideas that create vibrant

That is why our programs focus on building resilience and strengthening communities.

Program Information

The Heywire Youth Summit provides an opportunity for youth from across Australia to
collectively identify issues that have impacted them growing up in remote, rural and regional
Australia, and then develop project ideas that address these issues.

The Heywire Youth Innovation Grants provide up to $10,000 for communities to act on these
issues by either adopting or adapting the project ideas. That might include implementing the
idea as developed by the Heywire Youth or by adapting it to respond to the issue the project
idea seeks to address with an initiative that meets the needs of young people in your

Through these grants, this program aims to:

  • Make remote, rural and regional Australia a better place to grow up for young Australians;
  • Put young people at the centre of decision making about issues affecting them within their
  • Strengthen young people’s connections to their community, by providing an avenue for
    organisations to engage well with youth.

Focus Areas

Grant applications must align to one of the six issues identified at the 2024 Heywire Youth
Summit in Canberra. You can apply for a grant to adopt, adapt or respond to a project idea to
address one of these issues in a way that works for young people in your community.
The 2024 Heywire issues impacting young Australians are:

  • Bussin’: How might we create more accessible transport options for young people in regional
    and rural communities?
  • MEE (Mentoring Educating Empowering): How might we close the gap in accessing quality
    education for young people in regional, rural and remote communities?
  • A Place for You: How might we improve accessibility to mental health services in remote and
    regional areas of Australia?
  • The Bigger Picture: How can we empower young people in regional towns to celebrate their
    differences and foster connection among themselves?
  • Safe Sphere: How might we ensure that young people in regional and remote communities
    receive relevant and comprehensive sexual education?
  • Youth 2 Grassroots: How might we promote a stronger connection between individuals and
    their land by fostering a culture of environmental protection and stewardship?

The 2024 Heywire winners came up with some innovative ideas to address these issues. If you
need inspiration on how you might adapt the idea to address these issues within your
community, you can apply for a Heywire grant to fund the initiative.

Learn more about the 2024 Heywire project ideas: https://www.abc.net.au/heywire/grants/.

There is $100,000 available nationally, thanks to the generous support of the David Mactaggart
Foundation, The Sally Foundation, and private donors.

In addition, there is $17,500 specifically for Queensland projects thanks to the support of The
John Villiers Trust.

Funding Priorities

Projects that can demonstrate local youth engagement, consultation and/or involvement in the
design and delivery of the project will receive preference. Priority will be given to projects that
are either:

  • Youth-led projects: This program highly encourages projects where youth are responsible for
    the design and delivery of the entire project, with oversight from supporting organisations
    where needed. Through this grant program, youth are provided with the opportunity to gain
    experience and skills in project delivery and the granting process.
  • Partnerships between youth and community organisations: This program encourages
    projects that facilitate meaningful partnerships between organisations and the youth in their
    community. Youth should have input into the design and delivery of the project, with the
    community organisation responsible for the actual program delivery. Opportunities should
    be provided for youth to step in and out of the project design and delivery as needed. In
    developing and strengthening these partnerships, youth will be supported to become active
    participants in local community organisations.
  • Youth participation in projects that strengthen the connection to their community:
    Community organisations that have strong connections with youth can deliver projects for
    the benefit of local youth. These organisations should still clearly demonstrate how local
    youth have been consulted with in the development of the project to ensure it meets their
    needs, and that they will participate in the project if it is delivered locally.

A broad range of charitable projects are considered under this program, including

  • Delivering, or providing activities, events, programs and services;
  • Purchasing or hiring equipment and materials;
  • Community infrastructure projects;
  • Organisational capacity building;
  • Community resource development.


There are several areas that we can’t fund through this program. If in doubt, please contact us.

  • Projects that support core business and areas of responsibility of Federal, State and
    Local Governments;
  • Ongoing core organisational operational costs (e.g. rent, utilities, regular wages, loan
  • The encouragement or advancement of sport, recreation and social activities are not
    considered charitable activities under Australian law.
  • Applications from sporting organisations need to clearly demonstrate charitable
    outcomes and benefit to the wider community that are above and beyond the
    sporting activities of the club.
  • Overseas travel and overseas projects;
  • Prizes, gifts, trophies or awards;
  • Political lobbying;
  • Projects that primarily benefit private business, a sole trader, or private interests;
  • Projects solely focused on animal welfare

To apply, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicant organisations must be a not-for-profit organisation with either an
    Incorporation Certificate and/or an ABN. If you are unsure if your organisation is a
    registered not-for-profit (e.g. if you are a Co-operative, Other Unincorporated Entity,
    Public Company or Trust), please contact FRRR;
  • Project must be for charitable purposes and offer clear public benefit;
  • Not-for-profit organisations with or without DGR-1 endorsement are eligible;
  • Organisations can submit one application per grant round;
  • Projects must address a local issue distinctive to your community.
  • Projects must take place in regional Australia, as defined by ABC Heywire – that is,
    outside of Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney.
  • For program purposes, youth is generally defined as ages 12-28.

How to Apply

Before beginning your application, please read the information on the application page, linked below!

Click here to find out more and apply.

You can also find out more at our online webinar – Tuesday 9th April, 12pm AEST:


Or just get in touch with Lauren – FRRR Youth Programs Manager – l.ryan@frrr.org.au 0498 050 409 😊

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