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Stupid Old Studios

What is Comedy Lab?

In a nutshell – Comedy Lab is a crowdfunded program that gives comedians access to our studios, crew and equipment for free, to make whatever they want!

It could be something as simple as a new headshot or access to our podcast studio, right through to more ambitious projects like creating a proof of concept or filming a live performance.

Funding and opportunities for new comedy content are hard to come by, so Comedy Lab aims to break down barriers and provide practical career support for comedians – performers, writers, and directors – helping them take their screen and audio content to the next level.

Four ways Comedy Lab can help

  • Space to work

Creators can access our state-of-the-art production studio for video work, live performances,

and streaming.

          Also available are our video podcast studio, writers’ rooms, and edit facilities.

  • Crew support

Our award-winning team of videographers, writers, directors and producers can support creators

in realising their ideas by providing hands-on and creative support.

  • Equipment

Creators can access professional video and photography equipment including cinema cameras,

lenses, microphones, lighting.

  • Networking

Creators can connect to our network of comedy makers and industry professionals for

collaboration and career support.

Help fund Comedy Lab

Comedy Lab is funded by generous industry supporters and comedy fans. The more money we can raise through our community and our peers, the more projects get made!

Any money you give to Comedy Lab directly improves the quality and broadens the range of voices producing comedy content in Australia.

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Stupid Old Studios


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Paradigm Shifters

Paradigm shifters purpose-driven path is all about tackling our world’s biggest challenges by making patterns from the madness. They have an uncanny ability to zoom out and see the bigger picture where others cannot. It also might mean that you’re great at puzzles 😹🧩

(sneak peak) opportunity areas for paradigm shifters: 

  • Change Consulting 
  • Policy 
  • Analysis

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