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Did you know there’s more than 12,000 social enterprises in Australia? These are just one example of social innovators that don’t get the spotlight at uni’s or typical career platforms.

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How do you discover catalytic opportunities like fully-funded fellowships, international delegations, scholarships, funding and accelerators without spending hours and hours sifting generic websites? 

Enter the Ripple Opportunities Board. It’s the only one of it’s kind in Aus. Giving high-growth, stand out and truly impactful opps.

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How do you navigate impact that don’t have a typical career ladder? Find someone that’s done it. 

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Paradigm Shifters

Paradigm shifters purpose-driven path is all about tackling our world’s biggest challenges by making patterns from the madness. They have an uncanny ability to zoom out and see the bigger picture where others cannot. It also might mean that you’re great at puzzles 😹🧩

(sneak peak) opportunity areas for paradigm shifters: 

  • Change Consulting 
  • Policy 
  • Analysis

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