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Oh hey! We're Ripple (Opportunities)

At Ripple, our journey is rooted in a vision for the future—one where work and purpose seamlessly intertwine, where careers are crafted, not confined, and where generations come together to shape a world driven by meaning. Our story is one of passion, purpose, and the pursuit of a better, more connected world.

Where it began.

Ripple was founded by Skye and Tim; two of Australia’s leading young community builders who met when they started chatting outside a Sumo Salad after being named inaugural Obama Foundation Leaders for the Asia Pacific. 

With backgrounds in education, social impact, and human behaviour their expertise has been called upon by global impact organisations (United Nations, World Vision), transformational businesses (Airbnb, Canva, Harrison AI) and governments at every level. 

Through Ripple, they’re focused on supporting our next generation of impact creators to unlock their potential to shape a better future.

Hey zig-zaggers!

Throughout their journey’s, Skye and Tim repeatedly encountered a critical gap in our world—an issue that called out to them louder with each passing interaction. They discovered that the most innovative and impactful organisations often struggle to reach and engage emerging perspectives & talent that were outside of their traditional community, and that young people crafting their own ‘zig zaggy’ paths lacked the support to access the full spectrum of opportunities to fulfil their potential for impact. 

Ripple was born out of the realisation that in order to build bigger circles, where new and creative, diverse and future-thinking perspectives thrive; a new approach to supporting the future of work was needed. cya boring career ladders.


Ripple Guests

We wanted Ripple to offer more than a resume class (though, this can be handy). We wanted it to bring together all kinds of ideas and experiences so our next generation of impact creators were wrapped in all the inspiration and support needed to craft their own paths.

In a few short years, an incredible network of trailblazing guests have generously given their time to inspire and nurture our community to pursue new paths towards values-driven leadership and impactful work. 

Our guests include distinguished figures like former U.N. leaders, ex-Prime Ministers, presidential advisors, and innovators from the corporate and philanthropic worlds as well as lesser-known but still completely awesome community builders, innovators, creatives and generally interesting folk. 

Despite their varied backgrounds, they all share a singular trait: each has significantly impacted their field by defining their own unique career path underpinned by values that are core to them.


Since that first drop in the ocean workshop, we’ve built a significant community of thousands of young professionals and impact partners across Australia. Our members hail from every state and territory, with more than 220 council areas represented. 

With the support of Ripple, they’ve led grass-roots community initiatives and co-founded new start-ups, moved thousands to vote and represented young voices to elected representatives at all levels of government. They’ve gone on journey’s from first job to youngest CEO, from newsletter “lurker” to gender equality advocate, and found their ways in to class rooms, board rooms and forums at the United Nations. They’re creating impact through podcasts and policy change, and supporting one another through crazy good collabs. 

These are the next gen of impact creators and they’re just getting started.


Skye Riggs, the driving force behind Ripple, is a social entrepreneur with an unwavering commitment to positive change. Her passion for involving community voices at all levels of decision making as seen her invited to represent Australia around the globe including at the World Forum for Democracy, the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit, and the EU-Australia Leadership Forum.

Skye has leveraged her creativity to build several impact initiatives from the ground up, including founding Australia’s pioneering youth voter movement, Y Vote and helping launch Airbnb’s Social Impact Experiences across APAC. In 2022 was named an inaugural Snow Foundation Entrepreneur. 

A fan of chatting to all kinds of people; she’s worked across government, the music industry and impact sector while also providing commentary across channels like KISS FM, ABC News 24, and Triple J.


Tim Middlemiss brings extensive experience and a deep commitment to purpose-driven initiatives. His creative brilliance and strategic acumen consistently push boundaries in the entrepreneurial world with companies as wide-ranging as Leapfrog Investments and Harrison AI through to Global Citizen calling on his expertise.

As a founding director of Agency, a for-purpose creative studio, he played a pivotal role in its recognition as one of Westpac’s Businesses Of Tomorrow.

He previously served as Chief Advisor to former World Vision CEO Tim Costello AO, and likes to think he could still carve out a professional career with the Australian cricket team.


Steph joined us in the throes of 2020 soon after attending our very first Launchpad event. Her superpower is knowing random and thoughtful details about thousands of Ripple members – piecing together how each individual’s strengths can align with careers and high level decision-making processes. Her impact: she’s shortlisted, placed and connected hundreds of Ripplers with their next move. 

Steph also has an epic zigzag career of her own – from a 3 year stint writing grants in Indonesia with DFAT’s Australian Volunteers Internation Program, to being a Caretaker of a native plant nursery, and becoming a Youth Advisor for the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation; one of Australia’s top philanthropic foundations. 

She curates thousands of opportunities on Ripple every year so has unique insights on the hidden gem pathways and impactful orgs that will see you making waves faster.

Our impact

We believe that we can go further when we go together. Our goal is to magnify our collective impact by leveraging our most valuable asset – purpose-driven talent. That’s why we’re dedicated to nurturing the next wave of impact creators, helping them unlock their true potential, while also amplifying the work of Australia’s leading social innovators by bridging them with the right talent to propel their causes. For our Ripplers this encompasses:

Growing confidence in skills for future workforce
An average of 88% of our digital workshop attendees report feeling more confident in the skills required for the future workforce. 

Accelerating the path to secure, meaningful work
70% of participants secured a new career opportunity within three months of our flagship careers program. 

Increasing confidence to lead
81% of Emerging Civic Leaders graduates report feeling more confident to lead and inspire others to act.

Now, we’ve launched a new platform; enabling more sophisticated and targeted matchmaking between thousands of talented young professionals and the most innovative and impactful opportunities in the country.

Our partners:

Ripple Opportunities is possible because of the backing of these incredible supporters and partners:

Paradigm Shifters

Paradigm shifters purpose-driven path is all about tackling our world’s biggest challenges by making patterns from the madness. They have an uncanny ability to zoom out and see the bigger picture where others cannot. It also might mean that you’re great at puzzles 😹🧩

(sneak peak) opportunity areas for paradigm shifters: 

  • Change Consulting 
  • Policy 
  • Analysis

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